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Packing & Shipping Your Case

Proper care in packing your case for shipping plays a significant role in the quality of the case and service we can provide.

Follow these steps when sending your cases to the laboratory to ensure a safe delivery:
  • Disinfect the all case materials, place in the bag and seal.

  • Wrap models individually and securely with bubble wrap.

  • Additional bubble wrap should be added to fill the box to avoid movement and possible breakage during shipping.

  • When shipping an articulator and face-bow: (a) Remove models from articulator and wrap individually OR (b) If models remain on the articulator, please separate the articulator. Each piece should then be wrapped individually and anchored in the box. The face-bow and other enclosures should be wrapped separately.

  • Any photos or slides that accompany the case should be placed in a plastic bag for protection.

  • Our shipper of choice is FedEx┬«. Simply call us at 877-337-7800 to request a pick-up. Your driver can supply you with boxes at no cost. DDS Lab also accepts shipments from USPS and UPS.

Help us protect your cases

If you do not have the proper supplies, please contact us. We are happy to assist you. If you are a new customer, please contact DDS Lab at 877-337-7800 for a starter kit which includes everything you will need to send your first case to our laboratory. We sincerely look forward to a long and lasting working partnership